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Hair Restoration Therapy


Have you ever wondered what a full head of your own shiny hair would do for your look? Would you feel younger, more attractive or healthier? If so, now there are solutions for thinning, dull or even lost hair.

The first step is a comprehensive evaluation. It includes health assessment and, most importantly, a comprehensive hair and scalp evaluation. Advanced scalp analysis is a microscopic investigation of potential problems with your hair’s health. We analyze the hair with a high magnification polarizing lens that allows the doctor to see the reproducing matrix of hair cells and identify the problems.

Hair analysis allows us to quantify the hair loss as a density and thickness of hair follicles in each area of the scalp and evaluate the success of the treatment options, which may be medical management, injectable growth factor therapy, or hair transplantation.

The key is finding what’s wrong, quantifying the problem and making a plan that will allow you to enjoy a head of healthy and shiny hair again.

Most men experience some form of hair loss with age, but studies show that over 30 million women in the country also are facing hair loss which is often reversible. An advanced analysis and diagnosis, would provide a percentage of growth and coverage you can expect, and a personalized treatment plan that may include a combination of hair transplantation, injections and medical therapy or either one of those options alone.

Currently, the most effective non-surgical treatment option for hair thinning and hair loss is a combination of A-Cell + PRP for the most beneficial results. A-Cell combined with PRP injection therapy for hair loss is a technically sophisticated and clinically demanding process, but provides effective long-lasting results. This treatment is an excellent choice for early to moderate male hair loss and most types of female hair loss.

Key Benefits of A-Cell + PRP Hair Restoration:

  • Cost Effective: Quick, cost effective, outpatient procedure
  • Non-invasive: Does not involve any surgery, limited downtime
  • All-Natural: Uses your own harvested growth factors, naturally reversing the hair loss process
  • Safe: A-Cell is FDA approved
  • Improves hair regrowth for both men and women

By starting early, you can avoid or delay hair transplantation and look your best. If you are interested in learning more about options to thicken, renew or restore your hair, call specialist Emma Kruger, M.D. to schedule an advanced hair and scalp analysis to discover the best solution to meet your expectations.