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The Most Effective Treatment for Hair Loss

Recently, Good Morning America aired a segment about the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as a non-surgical option for hair restoration.

At MetaGlow we preform the PRP procedure, but utilize the combination of ACell + PRP for the most beneficial results, rather than just PRP injections alone. ACell + PRP is significantly more effective treatment for hair loss.

The non-surgical solution is only a 60-90 minute visit with limited downtime. Unlike prescription medications or topical applications that must be used as part of an ongoing daily routine, A-Cell + PRP Therapy does not require daily maintenance.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost Effective: Quick, cost effective, outpatient procedure
  • Non-invasive: Does not involve any surgery, nor any scarring
  • Safe: A-Cell is FDA approved
  • All-Natural: Uses your own harvested platelets, naturally reversing the hair loss process
  • Improves hair regrowth for both men and women

Here are the medical differentiations that explains why the combination is more effective:

What is PRP?

PRP is a concentration derived from your own blood that contains good growth factors which stimulate hair growth when injected into the scalp.

Not all PRP for hair loss is created equal. When it comes to stopping hair loss, a 5-10x concentration of platelets is best. Achieving this concentration requires more sophisticated and expensive technology than a simple centrifuge. Depending on the intended use, PRP may or may not contain red or white blood cells.

At MetaGlow, we include the addition of ACell along with PRP for the strongest results. Combining ACell with highly concentrated PRP sustains improved hair growth over time, with less treatments.

What is ACell?

ACell is an FDA approved protein matrix that when injected into the scalp recruits the body’s own intrinsic growth factors and healing proteins over a period of several months. In combination, ACell + PRP provide a continuous supply of growth factors to weakened hair follicles for several months. As a result, additional applications have an interval of typically 2-3 years.

What causes hair loss?

It’s important to first understand a few basics about the biology of hereditary hair loss. Chemical messages controlled by hair loss genes signal hair follicle stem cell activity to wind down over a period of time. Ultimately, the follicles diminish resulting in thinning hair or baldness.

How can hair loss be treated?

PRP contains it’s own unique chemical messengers called growth factors. Growth factors found in PRP can counteract some of the effects of these baldness genes, but only under the right conditions. To be effective against hair loss, PRP treatments must contain a high enough concentration of these essential growth factors and it must be delivered to the areas of the hair follicle where the stem cells are in the highest concentrations – at the middle and the base of the hair follicle. This requires an injection of a specific concentrated quality of PRP into the multiple layers of a scalp that has been properly anesthetized. When combined with the regenerating properties of ACell, the stem cells in the follicles activate the growth centers to begin producing thicker, more robust hair, with an extended life cycle. ACell supports PRP to produce a more significant result that is longer lasting.

Why is this combination more effective?

ACell combined with PRP is more effective, lasting much longer than PRP alone.  ACell + PRP injection therapy for hair loss is a more technically sophisticated and clinically demanding process.

The addition of the ACell to the PRP procedure increases the investment, but also dramatically increases results. Investing in an ACell + PRP treatment from the beginning would actually save money over the long run because fewer injection procedures are required in the long run. Combining ACell + PRP produces longer term results, making it easier to maintain over time.


If you are interested in learning more about options to thicken, renew or restore your hair, call to 225.767.0646 or 985.212.7972 to schedule a consultation and discuss with Dr. Emma Kruger solutions to meet your expectations for your hair restoration.