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METAGLOW – A new age for anti-aging

Chances are you’ll live considerably longer than previous generations. And with biomedical and technological advances, you now have options in how your body and your looks keep up with that. The way we age is rapidly becoming a choice. But how do you determine what options work best for you?


As MD and founder of MetaGlow, I believe in helping my clients make well informed decisions in counteracting the effects of aging. And based on what I hear during consultations, that can be quite challenging in the rapidly developing field of anti-aging. New discoveries and new technologies are announced on a daily basis, but how do you decide what the best approach and treatment is for you?


While our bodies will continue to grow, and develop like they always have, biomedical research and technology is offering a much deeper understanding of the process of aging. In recent years, giant leaps forward have been made in understanding how our bodies function on a physiological, biochemical and genetic level. On top of that, there’s a growing awareness of the relationship between the way we age, and stress levels, environmental factors and nutritional depletion.


I personally take pride in MetaGlow’s dedication to staying at the top of the anti-aging field by closely monitoring and studying the latest biomedical and scientific research. But we’re all unique and no two bodies are the same so there’s not one specific approach that is always the best for all. It always comes down to personalizing treatments by taking a close look at a client’s specific physical and biochemical characteristics, nutritional patterns and lifestyle. Based on that, we help our clients optimize the way their body and their looks counteract the aging process.


MetaGlow’s dedication to keeping up with the latest research and technology helps us stay at the top of our field. But clearly ‘breakthroughs’ are not always as earthshattering as they sound on the news or on the internet... So, the most inspiring aspect of MetaGlow’s fact-based approach to anti-aging is probably that we help our clients separate facts from fiction, hype from real breakthroughs and deliver real and lasting results.


At our MetaGlow locations in Baton Rouge and Covington, we offer a comprehensive variety of the latest biomedical and cosmetic treatments that help clients optimize the way their body and their looks counteract the aging process. My MetaGlow team and I are dedicated to offering you results that “Make you look as young as you feel, and make you feel as young as you look”!


Starting this weekly blog offers me and my staff at MetaGlow, an exciting opportunity to introduce our clients and followers to some of the latest developments in the field of anti-aging and to answer some of the most common questions we get in our consultations. With that in mind, I cordially invite you to our weekly deep-dive into the field of anti-aging !