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Scar treatment helping you leave the past behind

Many people continue to carry the burden of past challenges, by the permanent scars they were left with. Especially scars in the facial area can act as painful, daily reminders of surgery, trauma or acne. Let’s have a closer look at the available options for treatment of scars in general, and treatment of acne scars in particular.

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The medical field distinguishes between hypertrophic and atrophic scaring. Scar treatment is closely related to stretch mark treatment, due to the similar skin pathology. Our focus here is on acne scarring, which belongs to the atrophic category.

Acne scarring, affects a vast amount of people. During adolescence, roughly 80% of the population struggles with some degree of acne. The majority of those will have to deal with some form of scarring left by acne. The effect acne scarring can have on morale and self-image in immense. Fortunately there are a number of treatments available designed to revitalize your skin and help you get rid of the insecurity that often comes with scarring.
Scar treatment is closely related to stretch mark treatment, due to the similar skin pathology. What is also similar is the toll that these kind of skin abrasions can have on morale and self image. Our focus today on atrophic scarring will highlight the ways in which your skin can be revitalized, with methods that are determined to avoid the awkward insecurity, irritated skin and pimples that are almost always part of the package

Fractional Laser: The use of a fractional laser is a popular option because it targets the body’s wound healing response but leaves the surrounding tissue alone. This makes it ideal for dealing with skin laxity, complexion, pore size and overall aging, which is it’s considered the most common treatment for scarring. As long as no recurrent trauma or recent acne outbreaks have occured, the improvement is not reversible. The two kinds of laser services offered at MetaGlow are BBL and Profractional which are outlined below.

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BBL: This IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) uses light energy to heat the upper layers of skin in the afflicted area, stimulating the skin cells to regenerate and leaving the scarred tissue behind.

ProFractional: This laser ablates narrow channels into the skin, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched and triggering a healing response from targeted areas.

The former provides a less permanent solution, however it offers almost no recovery time. The latter, in contrast, has more lasting effects but is more invasive and requires a series of consecutive treatments than can stretch over a year or longer. Upon consultation, our MetaGlow team can help you decide which of these two is suitable for your specific scar treatment needs.

Fillers: Whether you have scarring from surgeries, trauma, or the ever-common acne, when the issue is in the facial area, it can take a toll on emotional well-being. Fillers are an alternative to lasers, along with topical formulations, and can be used to eradicate those pesky atrophic acne scars. Here are several of the top choices for this method of treatment.


HAA: This commonly used type of filler stands for ‘hyaluronic acid’ and is found in products such as Juvederm and Restylane. The results of the procedure can be seen instantly and continue to improve in the following weeks. The injected filler performs a double duty by physically lifting the scar up and out, with the needle causing fibroblast stimulation and encouraging the development of collagen. This type of scar treatment seeks to plump up any sagging area that may be accentuating scarring.


Poly-l-lactic acids: Functioning as another treatment that utilizes this ‘plump up’ technique, the use of poly-l-lactic acids in products like Sculptra stimulates collagen synthesis by repeated needle entry. This method can be used to offer a long-term solution, improving scarring from acne and trauma for results lasting several years. The treatment requires a series of injections over the course of a few months and the results are reversible.

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Bellafil: Last but not least on the list of fillers is the sole one that is FDA approved! Boasting the only license for acne scar treatment in the US on the market, Bellafil can last up to 5 years and requires skin testing prior to treatment. Concentrating on a technique that fades acne scars by adding volume to them, Bellafil is able to create a longer lasting result. By lifting scars to the level of the skin surrounding them and keeping them there long-term, the resulting look is also more natural.

The desired outcome of explaining the nuances within the more broad categories of scar treatment is to once again underline the notion that each personal situation requires a different approach. At MetaGlow we believe that informed and knowledgeable clients make better decisions. Armed with the right information, you can get one step closer to reversing the aging process in an manner that fits you best and the MetaGlow team is here to help you achieve that goal.