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Perfect Lips Please!

Lip augmentation, or lip filler, is a procedure designed to create the appearance of fuller and

sexier lips. Commonly, a dermal filler is used to produce this effect. Replenishing lip volume can

also diminish lines around the lips, and lip filler may be used for that reason, along with

improved definition and lip structure.

Lip filler is one of the most popular beauty treatments as of late, and women of all ages as well

as men are getting it. But there are some very common concerns that can and should be

answered before the procedure.

  • The most common one - Not wanting lips that are too big!

The key here: the right amount, the right filler and the right technique.

Firstly, you want to make sure the right amount of filler is used. When in doubt using less and

adding more a couple of months later can be a wonderful strategy to get a gradual but more

pronounced difference. Lips often look bigger immediately after the injection due to swelling,

and it helps to use fillers that are designed to minimize swelling (such as Revanesse Versa).

Using a cannula instead of needles avoids excess needle sticks, and helps to significantly

decrease the direct trauma to the lips - and thus cause much less swelling!

  • Pain is another “deal breaker” for some, or at least “joy killer” for many.

But pain can be totally avoided! Lips are very sensitive, and taking time to anaesthetise lips is

very important. There are options from numbing creams to dental blocks (injections under the

lip to cause completely numbing). There are also techniques to avoid direct needle sticks in the

lips completely.

Numbing cream is easy to use, and while it makes you feel that your lips are bigger even before

any injections, using cream does not usually cause any post-treatment swelling. Dental blocks

are for those don’t want to feel anything at all. However, the price to pay is a little more swelling

around the lips that will go down within hours, though slightly contributing to downtime. Using a

cannula avoids lip trauma with the needle and seemingly reduces patient anxiety.

  • Less often, the concern is that lips will get stretched and you’ll have to get filler

forever to avoid looking deflated.

This concern is not true. Most fillers used for lips will actually help to build collagen, and will

smoothen and replenish the skin surrounding the lips, creating a younger and healthier look.

  • Could lip fillers cause cold sores?

Technically speaking this is not the case, but trauma to the lips of any kind can cause cold sores

to appear by reactivating a pre-existing cold sore virus. Taking antiviral medication around

procedure time prevents this from happening. Using a cannula can also decrease trauma to the

lips and reduce the chance of inflaming cold sores.

  • Contemplating lip filler for women with already full lips is little more tricky.

Yes, lip filler is not only for those with thin lips! It is a wonderful way to maintain your natural

volume and shape before it “slides away”. Plumpness and definition is the domain of the young,

and if you are not planning on showing signs of aging before you have to, lip fillers can help

maintain your youthful volume, plump up corners of the mouth, and keep them from turning

down (you can also add lip volume simply because you like it!).

  • Is lip filler and a lip flip the same thing?

Usually this is not so. However, you can achieve “lip flipping” effect in many ways. Botox can be

used alone to produce the effect of a fuller lip without adding any volume, or in combination with

filler to create an even more dramatic everted lip look. The answer is in the look of the lip - does

it need to pull up and relax or would extra volume be the key to your perfect appearance?

  • Lip filler is so common, but do I need it?

There are actual rules of facial proportions created by Leonardo Da Vinci that are used in

contemporary aesthetic medicine. Some factors include size and position of lips that help create

that natural, balanced and most attractive balance. Ask your doctor to tell you about your facial

balance and lip contour, size and position that would make your features classically attractive.

Of course, your lips can vary from the Mona Lisa.

  • Last but not the least - if I don’t like the way my lips look, can I remove filler?

In many cases the answer is yes, you can remove certain fillers any time you want to.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers (including certain lines of Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero etc.) can

be removed at any time using a corresponding dissolving enzyme. However, we encourage a

little more ice and patience before making this choice. No matter how mild, the swelling after the

injection is contributing to volume and can feel like too much; this feeling mostly goes away in a

day or two. Sometime if needles are used for filler, swelling from the needle stick may create an

uneven appearance - again, ice and patience will keep you from removing something that you

actually want.