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The UltraLift

The next evolution in aesthetic science is the UltraLift’s ultrasound power applied to a revolutionary facelifting technology.

In less than an hour, you can have tighter, firmer, and better fitting skin, and still be able to resume your usual day after a single UltraLift procedure. Gentle yet powerful micro-focused ultrasound lifts not just the skin, but a deep muscle layer underneath which previously was reached only through surgical incision. Now, those deep layers can be lifted and tightened without invasive treatment through the skin. The UltraLift treatment uses the safe energy of ultrasound, focused to stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin. The ultrasound stimulates growth of new collagen over a period of time, so it strengthens and tones the skin from the inside for a noticeably brighter and tighter appearance on the outside. It's also great for lifting the skin on the neck and under the chin, with a definitive tightening of the jaw line in an amazing cheekbone sculpting effect.

UltraLift allows risk free, no downtime beauty to go way beyond fillers and relaxants like Botox. While recent MRI studies showed that ageing is the result of both stretching of the skin and gradual volume loss, relying on volume repletion with fillers only for lifting would never produce a natural and truly youthful result. That much needed gentle lift across the face and neck is the key to natural results, and can make you look like an authentically younger version of you.

This new approach transformed perspectives on the surgical face and neck lift. This new way of dealing with deep tissue aging is an easy decision requiring no downtime and offering safe and quick treatment. The single UltraLift treatment will address eyes, brows, forehead, neck and possibly chest which would me major undertaking surgically with non comparative expense. Once again - now yours option of ongoing deep lifting with no scars and downtime.

Why UltraLift?

The single pass of focused ultrasound energy on a light setting offers a more comfortable and quick procedure. The Ultralift allows for lifting of deep tissues underneath the skin to reduce jawles and relax the neck profile, as well as lift brows and eyelids. A single treatment of the face and neck will cover all the trouble areas in the upper and lower face, as well as the neck.

What is unique about the UltraLift procedure?

The UltraLift is the only treatment that can target deep skin foundation that is addressed in surgery without disrupting or cutting the skin. It also allows for treatment of several areas in one quick session. For example, chest often not addressed in traditional face and neck lift and eyes would require separate brow , upper and lower lid lifts. Facelift also does not lift the cheekbones, rather focusing on jowls.

Can the UltraLift replace surgery?

The UltraLift is not a facelift. It's an uplift. While it is not a replacement for surgery, it's a very good option for those who are not ready for facelift downtime and risks. It also allows for treating multiple areas at the same time. For example, less than a one hour session can cover the face, neck, chest, brows, eyelids and lips.

Who is a good UltraLift candidate?

The UltraLift is a great procedure for those whose skin starts to look and feel loose. When the lower eyelid gets just slightly more relaxed and the upper needs to be quite lifted to apply makeup - this is exactly the perfect time for UltraLift. Another great candidate could be anyone who is not ready for a facelift financially, emotionally or organisationally speaking.

How long does the usual treatment take?

A full face and neck treatment takes approximately half an hour.

How long before I can return to my usual activities?

It’s common to be able to get back to your usual life immediately. For a few days following the procedure you want to avoid the extreme cold and heat and protect your skin from the sun. You can apply makeup immediately after and continue to zo skin care as usual.

What will my skin look like after the treatment?

Immediately after the procedure the skin will feel tighter and smoother. You may notice some

pinkness and light swelling throughout the entire treatment area that actually often looks

flattering. There also may be some tingling of the skin, tenderness and on occasion slight


Is UltraLift painful?

Some patients feel no discomfort at all and some feel some prickling. It is generally well

tolerated and need for comfort measures may be discussed in the pre procedure consultation.