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What is the PRP Facial®?

The PRP Facial® is a rejuvenating treatment for improvement of texture, firming, and subtle lifting of the skin. The treatment can be used to reverse several natural signs of aging. Over time, skin tone often dulls from mild reduction in blood flow, and natural pink hues can be restored with this procedure. It can also be used to lessen the appearance of fine lines (such as those often found around the mouth) by stimulating the production of collagen to reinforce the skin. The PRP Facial® is also often used to reduce the appearance of many hyperpigmentations, including acne scars and other discolorations. 

Who is the PRP Facial® for?

The PRP Facial® is for anyone! The treatment is universal in nature and can be performed on just about any patient. Results can be astonishing for people of all ages and skin types! Restrictions are minimal, applying largely to patients with rare circumstances such as large open wounds on the area of treatment, bleeding disorders, chronic illnesses, or similar conditions. Consult your doctor to be sure the treatment is right for you!

Why this treatment over others?

With other anti-aging options available, why does the PRP Facial® prove to be consistently popular? This treatment offers a more rigorous approach to skincare, yielding more dramatic results compared to a simple chemical peel or daily cream. Chemical peels and anti-aging creams can be excellent for brightening the skin and mildly improving textures, but are limited in their capabilities. The PRP Facial® provides a deeper-skin experience with effects that will continue to develop post-procedure. The PRP Facial® can also be a comparatively gentler alternative to a surgical face lift, still providing the elevating results desired by many patients without the drawbacks of a surgical procedure (such as lengthy downtime, anesthesia, or necessity for pain medicine). Lastly, while fillers can be a wonderful option for smoothing out a patient’s skin, the PRP Facial® will ensure natural-looking results every time. This procedure truly is ideal for shedding years of aging from your natural face. 

What should I expect my appointment to be like?

Patients opting for numbing will first be numbed for about twenty minutes. Your blood will be drawn and collected for platelet rich plasma isolation (commonly recognized as PRP). This will be performed in a sterilized centrifuge, and should be completed in about ten minutes. Next, the microneedling portion of the procedure will begin, in which tiny needles moving up and down thousands of times per minute permeate the skin. The portion of the procedure is partially what generates the collagen so crucial to skin firming; the small “wounds” on the surface will trigger your body to produce more collagen to begin “healing”, subtly lifting and firming the treated area. The healing process is partly why results continually develop over the subsequent month or two following your procedure. 

After this process comes the step giving the treatment its famous PRP name; blood is applied to the skin to be reabsorbed, with your own natural growth factors nourishing your skin to its full potential. These growth factors also contribute to the “healing” collagen-production effect, in which stem cells already present in your skin are activated to begin producing new tissues. The microneedling with blood application takes about thirty minutes, keeping total procedure time at approximately an hour. Lastly, it is encouraged to apply a growth-factor rich product to supplement the procedure and attain maximum results. Popular products include growth factors from ZO and Allergan, and hyaluronic acid serums (which can reduce redness and give the skin a supple feel). Your physician can help recommend a product that is right for you. 

Is the PRP Facial® painful?

While the procedure may look as if it would be uncomfortable, the actual experience is often surprisingly easy. There is an initial, brief needlestick to draw the patient’s blood, but the actual procedure can be performed with ample numbing cream to neutralize patient discomfort. Patients can also opt for calming post-treatment products such as hyaluronic acid serums to reduce redness and irritation. 

Is the procedure safe?

Some patients wonder if the treatment comes with any risks. To put any questions at ease, it is important to note the procedure is FDA approved and will only be carried out by, or under the close supervision of, a licensed physician. As with any other challenging procedure, the PRP Facial® is carefully performed in appropriate conditions, and all equipment is thoroughly sterilized between uses. The only blood you will encounter is - your own!

What kind of results will I get from the PRP Facial®?

Results from your procedure will take two to three months to fully develop, and will last for one to two years. Depending on your skin’s initial condition, you may witness a brighter complexion with fresh, rosy undertones, a more even tone, and firmer skin.

What about the PRP Facelift®?

Assuming the PRP Facelift® and PRP Facial® are synonymous is a common misconception. In fact, it is true that the two have much in common; both are based on the same fundamental goal of utilizing the patient’s blood for its nourishing growth factors; in fact, both procedures involve microneedling - followed by blood application - in the same way. However, the PRP Facelift® has the additional benefit of volumizing diffusely. This treatment involves injecting the growth factors directly into the skin to act as a filler, providing extra volume. The injection portion of the procedure can be done in the same session as the standard PRP Facial® microneedling procedure, and will add about ten to fifteen minutes to the total session time. 

Will either the PRP Facial® or PRP Facelift® conflict with other treatments I may have already done/want to have done in the near future?

Patients often wonder if having existing injectable treatments (such as fillers or relaxants) will prevent them from being eligible for the PRP Facial® or PRP Facelift®. Fortunately, the answer is no! Patients with existing fillers or relaxants are still able to get either procedure without running the risk of diminishing existing product’s effectiveness. Similarly, patients are also still able to get said injectable treatments after the procedure without drawbacks. The PRP Facial® and Facelift® are a patient favorite for its flexibility regarding other procedures while still delivering its own fabulous results!