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Q. What are PDO threads good for?

PDO threads are a wonderful new option for lifting and repositioning skin and soft tissues - virtually anywhere. A healthy and youthful face will ideally have a “V” shape, which diminishes over time as gravity pulls the skin downward. Threads are particularly useful in restoring high cheek and brow contour and tightness of the jaw and neckline to redefine your “V” shape. PDO threads can help lift sagging jowls and reduce the nasolabial folds and so called “marionette” lines to define your chin and jawline. They are also a popular solution for an instant brow lift. However, threads can be used on the body as well, such as to lift the skin around your knee caps, your tummy, or your buttocks.


How does the procedure work?


PDO threads are actually minimally invasive. The threads can be inserted solely by injection - without any cuts or incisions. From there, threads can be pulled in one or two directions to instantly redirect sagging skin. The procedure, sometimes referred to as the “lunchtime lift,” typically takes only thirty minutes to an hour. Results take about four to six months to fully develop, and the effects last between two to five years.



What exactly are PDO threads, and what do they do?


PDO threads are FDA-approved, fully-absorbable threads. They are a trusted material often used in other procedures such as open heart surgery. In thread lifts, they not only physically lift the face, but stimulate a “controlled healing” reaction. This means that the skin will generate collagen to “heal” the injected area, and collagen is the essential component in reducing signs of aging. The initially visible results of the procedure are the threads physically lifting the skin. However, as the threads gradually dissolve over four to six months, the developing collagen will continue to improve the target area’s appearance. The procedure overall tightens the skin and restores your face’s natural “V” shape.