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Vein Therapy

Vein therapy helps to remove spider veins – thin red lines that appear on the thighs, calves, ankles, and feet. Spider veins are usually harmless, though they can sometimes cause aching, burning or pain, especially when you've been standing for long periods.

MetaGlow utilizes multiple options to erase these veins:

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a solution into each affected vein, causing the vein to collapse and fade. Sclerotherapy doesn't require anesthesia and can be done in your doctor's office. Side effects include swelling, itching and skin color changes in the treated area.

Laser Therapy works by sending strong bursts of light into the vein that makes the vein slowly fade and disappear. No incisions or needles are used.

Each deliver similar results and we can help decide which one is best for you to achieve your goals.

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+ Instructions before visit:

  • Two weeks prior: Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Wear physical blocking SPF on exposed skin, Suntegrity Body is recommended.

  • One-week prior: Discontinue use of NSAID's, fish oil, St. John's Wort, and high doses of vitamin E.

  • Day of: Arrive with clean skin, no lotions or moisturizers.

  • Procedure time: 30 minutes to 2 hours

  • Downtime: 1-3 days. Bruising and discoloration may be expected.

  • Back to work: Next day.

  • Anesthetic: Topical/injectable Lidocaine.

  • After Care: Compression garments must be worn for up to 2 weeks. Your provider will instruct you on the proper length of time. Avoid having sun exposure on the areas treated; exposure can lead to hyper pigmentation. Avoid submerging in hot baths and no hot tubs or sauna's for one-week post treatment. Avoid strenuous activity and high impact exercise, but light walking is permitted. Over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol may be taken as needed.

  • Results: Through a series of treatments, usually 2-5, spider veins will be reduced.

  • Duration of results: Results should be permanent; however, touch ups may be needed.