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Weight Loss

We can help diagnose and treat causes of resistance to weight loss. Excessive weight tends to perpetuate itself causing myriads of problems like fatigue, depression, diabetes, and hypertension. This is a metabolic disease. It is a common mistake to think that weight can always be reliably controlled by diet and exercise. The good news is that now we know that both medical treatment of underlying problems and weight loss surgery can have a profound effect on your metabolism and can reverse the metabolic and hormonal causes of excessive weight.

Diagnosing and treating these conditions will not only allow patients to lose weight but also keep it off. There are many reasons why we can’t control our weight and some of them may have nothing to do with food.

Some of the many factors that may be contributing to weight problems and overall health are the following:

  • Physiological Factors – We may have other underlying medical conditions, such as hormonal imbalances or we may be on medications that are causing weight gain.
  • Metabolic Factors – Most people gain weight because they have abnormally low metabolisms. Although some people are just born with low metabolisms, everyone’s metabolism gets slower as they age. Also, when the body is put on a program and loses weight, it reacts to the weight loss by further lowering the metabolism.
  • Behavioral Factors – We may have routines and habits that are contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle and weight. A sedentary lifestyle (being a couch potato) falls in this category. Exercise is essential to controlling weight and preventing future health problems. It is also important to increase lean body mass and reduce fat mass in order to efficiently burn calories.
  • Environmental Factors – Our home and work environments play important roles in our health. We may be exposed to pollutants, chemicals and radiation.
  • Emotional Factors – Stress, anger, grief and joy are just some of the emotions that we may be expressing or hiding with food.
  • Nutritional Factors – Our bodies need to receive the proper nourishment and nutrients in order to function optimally.
  • Silent Pain Factor – Silent pain is the ongoing inflammation that we can’t feel or see and is the primary factor that spreads chronic disease. The more excess body fat that we have, the greater the amount of silent inflammation that exists throughout our bodies. The biochemical key to reducing excess body fat, and more importantly the likely onset of chronic disease, is managing silent pain.


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